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Chicago Top 5:  Larger than Life
to Jun 22

Chicago Top 5: Larger than Life

The Chicago Top 5 collective presents an exploration of Identity through figurative painting. 


The spectrum of identity reaches far and wide. From the personal to the universal, Black is Larger Than Life. In a world that constantly applies pressure to minimize and marginalize our presence, we push back!

Chicago Top 5 Featured Artists:

  • David Anthony Geary

  • James Nelson

  • Martha A. Wade

  • Max Sansing

  • Brian Golden

Facebook: Chicago Top 5
Instagram: chicagotop5

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PEL:  Luxurious VillaIn
to Apr 30

PEL: Luxurious VillaIn

PEL’S latest offering, “Luxurious Villain,” explores the discourse happening right now between luxury fashion brands and streetwear, where closed communication presents open product dialogue parallels between the haves and have-nots in fashion; a look into the juxtaposed platform of opulence meeting poverty, aspiration meeting downtrodden, avarice meeting originality.  In money and creativity don't publicly intermingle. 

Luxurious villain chicago gallery website art-02 (1).png
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Charles Watkins III
to Apr 4

Charles Watkins III

The painting exhibit by artist and author Charles Watkins III demonstrates the daily activity and culture of the African American Sharecropper.  Through his work, Watkins shares his personal interpretation and experiences as a child born in Mississippi who moved to Chicago only later to return to live the sharecropper life with his grandparents in Mississippi during significant formative years in the 1960’s and later returned and settled in Chicago.  Watkins is the author of the soon to be published book titled White Gold “Cotton”, the Sharecropper’s Stories. This exhibit will only be up for 5 days, you don't want to miss it!

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Lindsey Liss:  If you're not loving you're hating and that's f@#d up!
to Mar 28

Lindsey Liss: If you're not loving you're hating and that's f@#d up!

  • Connect Gallery (Hyde Park) (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Evil and hate thrive on silence. If you are not actively sharing love, you become a part of the hate narrative. The use of language and light as a medium shares empowering ideas of protest against the hate in our world and the proliferation of love as a healing and nourishing agent.


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Fantôme: FLIGHT - fw17 Collection
7:00 PM19:00

Fantôme: FLIGHT - fw17 Collection

Luther Riley (Fantôme) is 19 years old and has been designing clothes his entire life. As a child he made clothes for his sisters' Barbie dolls out of socks and old pillow cases. Fantôme's seasonal collections are a reflection of the things that surround Luther and his life at the time. Gaining inspiration from everyday events and objects he finds ways to incorporate everything from a conversation with a friends to an empty seat on the train.

Luther's dream is to make Chicago a fashion hub and have people appreciate fashion as an art form instead of a commercialized commodity. He launched his fashion brand Fantôme in April 2016 and is currently enrolled as a sophomore at the Illinois Institute of Art in downtown Chicago.

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