Gravity Waves


Gravity Waves – “Certain Atmosphere waves within a planet’s atmosphere”

Rocket & Space Technology Glossary,

In Journey to self discovery as a black Caribbean woman from Barbados, questioning my position, power and value in everyday situations, personal spaces and social structures. Questioning and investigating my cultural identity, I asked myself many times, who am I? What am I? What is my position? What is my power? And what is my value?

My introspection yielded my daily personal mantra, I face myself, telling myself, finally I love myself. In the face of an exhaustive landscape of stereotypes and perceptions that exist in the Global social structure, invading and disturbing my personal space and thoughts. Sometimes, I become very quiet and show parts of the body moving in the empty white spaces in the painting. Quietly playing with negative space and positive space. However, there are moments in the paintings of loud, bold patterns and flat colors which I asked myself, does loud mean confidence or aggression?

In the performance art piece “The Astronaut”, an astronaut is traveling to other planets and encountering creatures which she questions and describes the creatures who happen to be her internal feelings and thoughts like the paintings. The performance piece is playful and full of questions and curiosity of identity.

I feel as though my personal journey and thoughts are activated from social structures and making me question how should I navigate in the social spaces? Therefore, I thought that the term Gravity Waves works with my current situation of understanding oneself.

Sheena Rose, Gravity Waves, 2018

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Cleveland Dean 7



The work of multi-disciplined, self-taught, visual artist Cleveland Dean exists to address internally personal and societal quandaries in abstract and conceptual ways. His work speaks to that which is the now and how we relate, what our thought process has become and our place in this new inclusion yet isolation based world. 

Cleveland Dean pulls from various elements and life experience and has formed an individual style that reflects his vision and his studies of philosophy, sociology, psychology, history as well as acting as a voyeur of humanity. The centered ideology is to evoke individual thought for the viewer, as opposed to being conditioned to what one should think and see, and how such resonates into other aspects of their lives.

“My goal is to simply recondition people to think, adhere to knowledge and broaden their experience. The time to awaken from this degradation of intellect is now.”read more

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Chicago Top 5: Larger Than Life



The spectrum of identity reaches far and wide. From the personal to the universal, Black is Larger Than Life. In a world that constantly applies pressure to minimize and marginalize our presence, we push back!

Chicago Top 5 Featured Artists:

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Brian Dovie Golden @Dovie_Golden

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Charles Watkins A Sharecropper's Story

5 Day Exhibition


This painting exhibit by artist and author Charles Watkins III demonstrates the daily activity and culture of the African American Sharecropper.  Through his work, Watkins shares his personal interpretation and experiences as a child born in Mississippi who moved to Chicago only later to return to live the sharecropper life with his grandparents in Mississippi during significant formative years in the 1960’s and later returned and settled in Chicago.  Watkins is the author of the soon to be published book titled White Gold “Cotton”, the Sharecropper’s Stories. 





Visual Griot PEL has permeated the minds of his followers and fans alike provoking thought, feeling and conversation using the news and pop culture as his subject matter. His military and menswear fashion background honed his skills and broadened his artistic horizon with seamless attention to detail.

His travels across the globe have helped him to develop a panopticperspective that is all his own. PEL stands out from others because he wants to have a candid conversation that is not held by the cadence of normalcy. Immersion into different cultures has helped him to interweave different textures of conversation into one fluid roll. He further curated his juxtaposing of a topic’s opposing views with a daily caricature of current events via social media (his DailyDoodles on his Instagram page), as well as becoming a monthly contributor for a full-page political feature in Penthouse magazine called “Sketchy Truths”.

His unique outlook is the common thread to his tightly knitted narrative despite the medium used. Whether through the use of a pen, marker or paint he has mastered the ability of having in depth conversations with the viewer. This dialogue is often done whimsically while addressing the elephant in the room. His subtle pokes at pop culture icons and commercial compliance are his hallmark. PEL gives us entry to glance at his skewed envisage and constant aberration from the commonplace. He challenges all to Please Enjoy Life Nurturing Your Creativity.

“I am an ambidextrous painter that uses the news and pop culture as my brushes, and the world as paint… through which I have a conversation with the canvas of your mind.”

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Since getting a Masters Degree in art Yvette Weijergang has been working at numerous places mainly with adults as a teacher and a mentor. In 1996 she moved from Amsterdam to the United States where she continued her work in several art centers. The place which had the most influence on her own work was Interact a center for the visual and performing arts in Minneapolis where Weijergang worked with adults with physical and mental challenges.She experienced Minneapolis as a place so diverse art so pure and original.

Currently she teaches at the Lillstreet Art Center mentor other artists and continue working on her own paintings and drawings in her studio. Her work has been shown over the years in many galleries. At the moment both the Chicago Art Source Gallery and Connect Hyde Park Gallery feature her work. 

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11/9 was the morning after the 2016 US Presidential
Election and like 9/11, it was a flashpoint.

We tried “wait and see”. [NOW] is a time of alternative
fact, alternative right, alternative left, alternative
narrative, alternative government, and alternative
realities. [NOW] is a time of hacked elections, expanded
corruption, expanded wars, Rogue NASA, Rogue EPA,
banned peoples, and stripped rights. We have been
ignoring the real threats and fighting with each other.
This is our world less than one year after 11/9 dawned.
In light of what we know now, what do we do [NOW]?

Are we at rest?
Or are we like a “Slingshot” pulling back to ready itself?

We galvanize our voices in

Post 11/9 The New Now [Now] is a year-long traveling exhibition that gathers disparate voices of artists, activists, thinkers, and philanthropists together into spaces and conversations that move beyond fear of the
present to create a new [Now]. 

This engaging show features over 20 collaborators who refuse to be at rest during times of struggle. The collective includes Barry McGee, Rebecca Solnit, Paul Miller (DJ Spooky), Barbara Stauffacher Solomon, Michele Pred, Liz Walsh, Matt Gonzalez and many more.

Individually these collaborators use diverse methods and mediums as visual and verbal language to help us all understand our role in both macro and micro conflicts and to invite generative resolutions to present dangers. Collectively, these articulated dreams, elegant metamorphoses, and unconventional abstractions are a statement of fierce hope that transcend the contrived scarcity of our current world in reductive, political, complex, and personal ways. 




The work I create is a reflection of the beauty I experience. I constantly seek to broaden the spectrum of what we understand, identify, and connect with as beautiful. Inspired by beauty, culture, history, science, mythology and experience. My work is simultaneously engaged in the now, then and still to come. The nuance of the creative experience, both the introspective and observed are an integral part of my process. Each piece is a dance between intention and intuition, a process of exchange, discovery and experimentation informed as much by the moments of their creation as the research that proceeds them and the engagement that follows them.


David Anthony Geary is a transdisciplinary artist working in a variety of mediums for the last 20 years. Culture and life experiences fill his work along with the discovery of newness. Constantly pushing, searching and discovering the new while at the same time holding on to the old. It's not just an aspect of David's art but an aspect of his character that finds its way into the art. Communicating his perspective of the world around him through a visual language, he became fluent in many dialects of visual art. His work incorporates painting, printmaking, collage, assemblage, sculpture or photography.The nuance of the human experience, both the introspective and observed are an integral part of his process.




I was born and raised in West Africa, Ghana but currently, reside in the United States. My practice aims to create genuine and authentic portraits of faces that make up the beautiful continent of Africa. I am interested in using my practice to reveal the hidden beauty woven into Africa’s social and geographical fabric. They expose viewers to a global perspective of the world, rather than a singular narrative meant to portray a viewpoint of the masses. My work reflects the diversity and richness lost in the deceptive mainstream representations of the African People and explores a self-referential perspective of the Black image. I develop this group of portraits through a vital practice that requires a physical engagement with the community and the desire to travel.

My work allows dialogues between America and Africa to emerge, reaching beyond the cultural orthodox and reversing the traditions of Western globalization.A uniquely vital aspect of my practice is rooted in travel, emphasizing a necessary demand for cultural exchange. This constant physical engagement is mirrored in my portrait paintings. They not only tell stories of the everyday African narrative but also investigate into the social historical paradigm of globalization as a visual dialogue. I infuse authentic mixed media materials woven into the fabricated esthetics of the portrait. I create a layering technique of combining African motif through silk screen and fabric. These materials become an anchored pillar that transcends the work through the everyday African cultural narrative.