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The work of multi-disciplined, self-taught, visual artist Cleveland Dean exists to address internally personal and societal quandaries in abstract and conceptual ways. His work speaks to that which is the now and how we relate, what our thought process has become and our place in this new inclusion yet isolation based world. 

Cleveland Dean pulls from various elements and life experience and has formed an individual style that reflects his vision and his studies of philosophy, sociology, psychology, history as well as acting as a voyeur of humanity. The centered ideology is to evoke individual thought for the viewer, as opposed to being conditioned to what one should think and see, and how such resonates into other aspects of their lives.

“My goal is to simply recondition people to think, adhere to knowledge and broaden their experience. The time to awaken from this degradation of intellect is now.”

Primarily Cleveland Dean's work finds creation via painting, mixed media, installation, video, sculpture and photography.  read more

Stop in to view all the pieces from Cleveland Dean's exhibit titled 7!