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Blake D. Lenoir, also known as “B. Len” or “Basquiasso”, I am from a bit of everywhere on the South Side of Chicago, primarily the Auburn Gresham neighborhood. My artistic journey began at the very young age of 2 years old, finding inspiration in the details of the feathers of a duck that I attempted to draw so accurately. From that moment as a more reclusive child and now even as an adult despite being a clouted athlete, I took to using art as my outlet, fun, and expression. I began to realize that the arts were my passion, claiming charcoal and graphite as my first medium of choice due to my ability to manipulate it freely and controllably. In most recent work I have found a love for acrylics, India ink, liquid latex and body paint the unpredictable nature of these mediums and my unique brush stroke have helped to develop my own style by combining all or at least 2 of the mediums mentioned in every piece I create, allowing the textures I build to speak for themselves. To exude the message hidden within the canvas. In merging the styles, I always intend to leave my audience with a memorable impression, whether it be through harsh impressions that reflect our country’s current social state, or more easily interpreted pieces that intrigue the intellectual, or vague mashups of styles that inspired me to create.

Earlier Event: October 20
Later Event: March 29