11/9 was the morning after the 2016 US Presidential
Election and like 9/11, it was a flashpoint.

We tried “wait and see”. [NOW] is a time of alternative
fact, alternative right, alternative left, alternative
narrative, alternative government, and alternative
realities. [NOW] is a time of hacked elections, expanded
corruption, expanded wars, Rogue NASA, Rogue EPA,
banned peoples, and stripped rights. We have been
ignoring the real threats and fighting with each other.
This is our world less than one year after 11/9 dawned.
In light of what we know now, what do we do [NOW]?

Are we at rest?
Or are we like a “Slingshot” pulling back to ready itself?

We galvanize our voices in

Post 11/9 The New Now [Now] is a year-long traveling exhibition that gathers disparate voices of artists, activists, thinkers, and philanthropists together into spaces and conversations that move beyond fear of the
present to create a new [Now]. 

This engaging show features over 20 collaborators who refuse to be at rest during times of struggle. The collective includes Barry McGee, Rebecca Solnit, Paul Miller (DJ Spooky), Barbara Stauffacher Solomon, Michele Pred, Liz Walsh, Matt Gonzalez and many more.

Individually these collaborators use diverse methods and mediums as visual and verbal language to help us all understand our role in both macro and micro conflicts and to invite generative resolutions to present dangers. Collectively, these articulated dreams, elegant metamorphoses, and unconventional abstractions are a statement of fierce hope that transcend the contrived scarcity of our current world in reductive, political, complex, and personal ways.