Lindsey Liss has been getting a lot of attention lately for both the messaging and delivery of her work. Understandably fed up with the goings-on in the world around her, Liss has turned this signature style into a call to action.

Pulling influence from rock ‘n’ roll, pop culture, politics, and people, Liss uses salvaged neon bits, lenticular printing, and similar techniques to create thought-evoking wordplay, backed with stunning imagery. These innovative pairings not only move the viewer (both literally and figuratively), but reinforce Liss’ firm belief that words matter. “My intent is to make a difference with concise, clear messaging,” Liss explained to Chicago Ambassador. “The world is such a crazy place right now, I know that creativity is the only thing that can change it.”

With her new show, Lindsey Liss uses language and light to convey that negativity, which thrives on silence, can be quelled only with love, light, and ideas. Liss, alongside Connect Gallery owner Rob McKay, aims to empower visitors to walk out of the gallery in protest, ready to take on the darkness with bright ideas of their own.

With her neon work, Liss pieces together words and letters from the signage of yore to create new pieces that evoke the viewer’s consciousness of the world around them. 

One of very few Chicago-based artists chosen to take part in the 2017 Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series, Liss has been featured on WGN Radio, Modern Luxury, Chicago Ambassador, and is the subject of a profile in the January 2018 issue of Felix magazine. Liss was also featured at the internationally-renowned Aqua Art Miami exhibition during Art Basel 2017.

Her work has been exhibited at Zhou B Art Center, Heaven Gallery, HAM Gallery, 2112 Incubator, Arts Incubator at the University of Chicago, Connect Hyde Park, Soho House Chicago, The Paris Club, Macy’s, and Double Door.